Here are the key things that we believe. If you have any questions, feel free to come along and ask us about them.

  1. We believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God eternal and undivided.
  2. We believe in a literal heaven and hell; heaven being the reward of those who accept Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, and hell being the judgement of those who don’t.
  3. We believe in the virgin birth, the sinless life, the literal death and bodily resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ; the atoning work of the cross, the once-for-all perfect sacrifice of Jesus on behalf of mankind; justification by faith alone and evidenced by good works together with the in-filling of the Holy Spirit.
  4. We believe in a literal Satan, his demonic forces and hosts, but that they are only permitted to do what God the Father allows.
  5. We believe in the literal, personal re-appearance and coming again of Jesus Christ who will judge the nations prior to His reign of righteousness on earth when everyone will be in subjection and obedience to Him.
  6. We believe in the present-day work of the Holy Spirit in the church and that His gifts and fruit are active in all generations until the second coming; we believe the church is the body of Christ composed of born-again believers; we believe in the observance of water baptism by immersion and the Lord’s supper for believers only.
  7. We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, relevant to all ages, having authority for all people and at all times.
  8. We believe in the future fulfilment of every biblical prophecy relating to Israel, the tribulation of the Jews and judgement of the world during a specified time-period, the global kingdom of antichrist, the security of believers during the time of the tribulation, and that the binding of Satan is a future event to be accomplished by the sovereign work of God.
  9. We believe the present work of the Holy Spirit is to call out a people for Himself who will remain true to the scriptures and in faith with God.
  10. We believe the account of creation presented in Genesis is a simple but factual presentation of actual events lasting six literal days; that this account provides a reliable framework for scientific research into the question of the origin and history of life, mankind, the earth and the universe; that the great flood of Genesis was an actual historic event, worldwide in its extent and effect.